The Upper Room Annual Donor Report

April 28, 2023 by Nicole Curtis

It gives us much joy to share with you the 2022 Annual Donor Report. In reality, it is a “gratitude report,” as it reflects the good work accomplished because of your generosity and God’s good grace. We are grateful for you and for your commitment to the ministries of The Upper Room. We hope you will take a moment to read the report and to see the scale of your impact. There is much to celebrate.

As April draws to a close, we want to acknowledge that many communities have been celebrating April as Second Chance Month, a time to pause and reflect on the challenges people face when leaving incarceration. We ask you to pause and pray for the men and women who are returning to society and for the chaplains who serve them. We also invite you to make a gift to The Upper Room Chaplains’ Ministry, which provides free-of-charge copies of The Upper Room daily devotional to prison chaplains for their ministries.

Nicole Curtis serves as Communications Manager at The Upper Room.

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The RESILIENCE conference in 2021 was so uplifting and nourishing. It was wonderful to be with other Christians around the world at this retreat, who truly care about responding to trauma in a compassionate way by teaching spiritual practices to help with grounding and healing.”

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