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November 8, 2023 by The staff of The Upper Room

Advent is celebrated differently throughout the world. Some cultures barely observe the waiting and focus on the Christmas celebration. Others feel deeply the contrast between present circumstances and God’s promise of a better future, making for a season of fasting and prayer. All of them focus on Christ as the Light of the world. The Upper Room's new Advent devotional, Light from Afar: An Advent Devotional from Around the World, invites us to experience the diversity of Advent traditions from around the world.

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Light from Afar is a daily Advent devotional that illuminates the season through the unforgettable stories and reflections of four writers from around the world. Authors Nadiyka Gerbish (Ukraine), Joel Bengbeng (Philippines), Cláudio Carvalhaes (Brazil), and Sidwell Mokgothu (South Africa) share cultural and religious traditions of the Advent season in their daily reflections. Each day's meditation includes a scripture reading, a prayer, an opportunity for reflection, and a link to a song from the author’s home country.

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You're invited to join us for Light from Afar: Experiencing Advent Around the World, an online experience designed to take you on a journey celebrating the diversity of Advent traditions.

When you join us, you'll get access to:

  • daily readings from Light from Afar
  • video interviews with the authors
  • live virtual gatherings on Tuesday evenings from November 28th to December 19th at 6:30 p.m. (Central Time)

Join us on a global journey this Advent. Save $5 off registration here.

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