Women of God: Be Creative with the Creator

May 11, 2018 by Erica Smith

The same Spirit that breathed life into creation is continually creating in our lives today. During seasons of spiritual growth, struggles, relationships, and aging, God is ready to meet us in new ways in hopes of a deeper relationship with us. The Upper Room invites you to be creative with the Creator and explore resources for women by women that will help you find new pathways to experience God’s great love. 

The catalog, which is available in digital version or print, weaves in reflection questions and meditations throughout to provide an interactive experience for the reader.  

We encourage you to browse the catalog and share on social media with friends or family who may be interested in these resources. Please use this link to share online: https://issuu.com/urbooks/docs/womenscatalog  

These resources could serve as a great gift for Mother’s Day or any special occasion and will provide women with opportunities for creative reflection and encouragement throughout the year.

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Starting New Churches in Honduras

The United Methodist Church in Honduras uses El Aposento Elto, the Spanish language version of The Upper Room daily devotional to start new faith communities. They use "An Easy Plan to Use The Upper Room in Small Groups" found in the back of the magazine. As the groups grow, they build critical mass for new church starts.