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The Upper Room Chaplains' Ministry: Imagine with Us

June 20, 2018 by Amy Skerratt

The Upper Room Chaplains’ Ministry is as rich in history as it is in connection. It was started in the wake of World War II to provide hope to those who didn’t have easy access to it. At the peak of its reach, the Chaplains’ Ministry was sending 250,000 copies of each issue of The Upper Room to service women and men stationed around the world.

Over time, this powerful outreach expanded to include prison chaplains.

A note from a chaplain to The Upper Room (1945).

By making the daily devotional accessible, the Chaplains’ Ministry provides a source of connection to God and to others. For over seventy years, the daily meditations provided through this ministry have reminded people who are incarcerated and our brave military personnel that God is always present in their time of need.

In my work with the Chaplains’ Ministry, I am amazed by the number of letters I receive from chaplains, soldiers, and prisoners alike, who tell me how they have been impacted by this ministry. Just as Chaplain Earl D. Burris expressed his gratitude 73 years ago (see image), today men and women continue to share how the Chaplains’ Ministry has blessed them by providing hope, comfort, encouragement, and connection.

Recently, I received a phone call from a chaplain requesting to increase his order of The Upper Room for the people he serves saying, “I never have enough —they ask for it by name.”

The heart and vision of The Upper Room staff paired with the generosity of donors built the Chaplains’ Ministry in the 1940s. As we continue to honor this work, we invite you to join us in prayer and to imagine with us what it would mean to double the number of devotionals distributed through the Chaplains’ Ministry. By doing that, we could ensure that hope is delivered into the hands of those who need it most. Your gift of $42.00 provides a chaplain with devotionals for one year.

You are essential to this ministry and have been from the start.

Please take a moment and consider giving a gift to The Upper Room Chaplains’ Ministry.

We are grateful for you. 

 Amy Skerratt is the donor relations manager of The Upper Room.

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