Got a few minutes for prayer?

March 1, 2019 by The staff of The Upper Room (Nashville, Tennessee)

Join us today as we observe the World Day of Prayer in a special way. 

Join us on our online prayer wall.

Visit The Upper Room Prayer Wall and respond to people in need who request prayer.

Here at The Upper Room, the staff will participate in prayer throughout the day and will physically gather to begin and end our work day with communal prayer. Specifically, we will be attentive to the thousands of prayer requests that come to us through The Upper Room Prayer Wall.

Intercessory prayer has always been a core value of The Upper Room’s ministry – through the Prayer Line and supported by our books and magazines. Today we can also engage with one another through a variety of online platforms. The Prayer Wall is an increasingly vital way for The Upper Room community around the world to support one another and be in prayer together.

Click here for tips on using the prayer wall.

Click here to visit the prayer wall.

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