Mind, Body, and Spirit Quiz

April 29, 2019 by Erica Smith

Are you engaging in spiritual practices that incorporate your mind, body, and spirit?

The Upper Room invites you to take the Mind, Body, and Spirit quiz to explore your area of strength with your spiritual practices, as well as explore ways you can continue to cultivate practices of loving God with your whole being—with mind, body, and spirit.   No matter what season of life you are in, God is ready to meet you in new and profound ways.   Come explore the possibilities with us. 

Click here to take the Mind, Body, and Spirit Quiz

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Loving the Insights

"I lead a small group of about 12 women, and we were looking for a great Advent study. I had used While We Wait years ago and remembered how beautifully written it was.

I love focusing on the women in the genealogy in Matthew and our church’s Advent sermon series include the songs of Elizabeth, Mary, and Zechariah. So this study seemed just perfect for our 2019 Advent study.

Everyone is enjoying it so much and loving the insights that Mary Lou Redding offers for each character in her study. While We Wait has been a great study for us!"