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The Upper Room Chaplains' Ministry

June 26, 2019 by Staff of The Upper Room

Since World War II, The Upper Room has been providing copies of the daily devotional to military chaplains through the Chaplains’ Ministry. Over the years, this ministry has expanded to include prison chaplains. Each year, 270,000 copies of The Upper Room are sent to chaplains. At the height of WWII, the demand for the daily devotional exceeded what could be published and orders had to be turned down. Currently, military and prison chaplains’ demand for The Upper Room are on the rise. With your help, we will never have to turn down orders again.

Will you donate today to help us meet this demand?

Written by Christians from all over the world, The Upper Room daily devotional is a source of strength and comfort for many. Our men and women in uniform sacrifice so much for our freedom, and we can be a source of strength and encouragement to them through the daily devotional. 

“My daughter found Christ in the desert of Afghanistan because a follower of Christ had this little devotional,” Terrilynn wrote in a letter to The Upper Room. “What I was not able to do for Megan, Christ did through someone else.” This “someone else” had received a copy of the daily devotional through her chaplain.

Through the Chaplains’ Ministry, many behind bars find strength and comfort in the daily devotional, being reminded of God’s love and presence. Richard Sievers, a prison chaplain for 23 years, says that The Upper Room helps to “plant the word of God in their lives.”

The Upper Room Chaplains’ Ministry is a donor-sponsored ministry. Without your support, this ministry would not be possible. The Chaplains’ Ministry costs $189,000 a year to operate.

Between Memorial Day and July 31, we aim to raise $100,000 for this ministry.

We need your help to meet this giving goal. Join us today to offer strength, encouragement, and hope through the words of the daily devotional to those in uniform and to those who are incarcerated. 

Need help in deciding on how much to give? A gift of $42 will provide 10 copies of The Upper Room per issue to a chaplain. 

Your gift of $42—or whatever you are able to give—will help chaplains deliver a message of hope and encouragement to those they serve, reminding them of God’s love and ever-present help in times of troubles.

If you are a military or prison chaplain and would like to receive copies of The Upper Room daily devotional for your ministry, please email Amy Skerratt or call her at 877.899.2781 ext. 7212.

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