Too Hard

May 29, 2019 by Beth A. Richardson

The headlines this morning read, “Unprecedented stretch of tornadoes and floods hit the US” and “There have been more than 500 tornado reports in 30 days.”

The people of Mozambique and Zimbabwe continue to recover from devastating cyclones.

The heat of summer threatens the health and lives of the most vulnerable in our world.

With Beth Richardson’s words, we join with God who is present with all of those in the midst of pain, the suffering and struggle.

Lord, hear our prayer.

Too Hard
Beth A. Richardson

Some days it seems too hard to
Turn on the news,
Read the texts,
Answer the phone.

What news,
What pain,
What disaster
Awaits us today?

How much more
For the Holy One.
The one who stands,
With the world.

May I,
In my little life,
Also, sometimes,
With those who suffer.

For a little while.


Beth A. Richardson serves as The Upper Room Director of Prayer and Worship Life.

This poem originally appeared on Beth's blog. Read more here.


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