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El Paso: Miriam's Story

August 5, 2019 by Nicole Curtis

Ride-share driver, Miriam, is a devoted reader of The Upper Room and recently connected with us about her unique way of connecting with her clients. She shares copies of the Spanish version, El Aposento Alto, with immigrants that she drives between detention centers, processing centers, churches, and other places that they need to go.

Miriam is from El Paso and sent us a note yesterday about the tragedy that hit her community. “That Walmart is an area where I frequently receive passenger requests. On Saturday, I had already planned on taking the day off to attend a family related funeral in Juarez, Mexico. As I was driving towards the border, I had to drive through the section of town where the incident occurred. I was heartbroken to see the police and first responders, helicopters, sections of the streets blocked, and most of all, empty streets—all major shopping malls were closed, restaurants, Circle K, 7/11—all closed."

Miriam shared this message she sent to her fellow ride-share drivers:

"Drive without fear. More than talking about Saturday's tragedy, talk with your passengers about a message of hope and well-being. Encourage your passengers and yourself to be at peace with loved ones. If you have spiritual beliefs, share them. If you don't have spiritual beliefs, search for them. El Paso, Texas, is a friendly community. You as a ride share driver are an example of what El Paso is made of."

She added that many ride-share drivers are fearful of driving again; some were at the Walmart parking lot when the shooting began.

"I believe we cannot be guided by fear; we need to learn to be guided by the Holy Spirit.”

We at The Upper Room mourn with the people of El Paso, Dayton, South Haven, and Gilroy—with the victims’ families and with all of those who are affected. We pray for the protection of Miriam and the other ride-share drivers. We stand with Miriam who says, “we cannot be guided by fear; we need... to be guided by the Holy Spirit.” 

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Nicole Curtis serves as the communications manager of The Upper Room.

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