Shaping Lives in Catalonia

September 24, 2019 by Tia Runion (Tennessee)

You are helping to shape lives in Catalonia!

Your support of The Upper Room—in particular, for the international editions—made possible the creation of El Cenacle, the newly published edition of The Upper Room daily devotional guide in Catalan.On behalf of all of the Catalan-speaking people in Spain who receive El Cenacle, we thank you! 

I serve as the Director of International Relations—Europe. Along with my colleague, Jorge Berrios, the Director of International Relations—Latin America, I went to Spain to visit the local publisher of El Cenacle. We went to learn about their progress of the publication, to share words of encouragement, and to discuss ideas about promotions and distribution.

The publishing of El Cenacle began in January of this year. It is published in five formats: mobile application (Android), digital (online), email (PDF), audio/ MP3, and print.

During the week, we participated in a small-group meeting using the Wednesday discussion questions found in the back of The Upper Room. Nine of us gathered in a family home in Biescas, Spain, in the Pyrenees Mountains. We read the day’s meditation, taking turns responding to the discussion questions. All over the world, groups like this gather once a week using the discussion questions to spend time with God and with one another.

Jorge Berrios (left) and Tia Runion (right) with the publisher of El Cenacle.

We also traveled to Barcelona, where we led a devotional writing workshop at Llibreria Claret, one of the bookstores that sells El Cenacle. At the end of the seminar, several people read their meditations aloud. We hope to publish these meditations in future issues of The Upper Room, so please be on the lookout for them. 

Copies of every issue are printed and distributed to individuals and churches. They are also available for purchase at two religious bookstores in Barcelona. 

Jorge and I ended the trip with Sunday worship at Església Protestant de Barcelona Centre, the largest congregation of Iglesia Evangèlica Española (Spanish Evangelical Church) in Catalonia. During the service, Jorge was invited to speak briefly about the ministries of El Cenacle and El Aposento Alto, the Spanish version of The Upper Room.

Thank you for supporting the international editions of The Upper Room and making possible the publication and distribution of El Cenacle. Your generosity helps people around the world connect with God and one another through their native tongue—a gift that is invaluable.  

Tia Runion serves as The Upper Room's director of international relations—Europe.

Support the work of our international partners.

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