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Grateful for You!

November 12, 2019 by The staff of The Upper Room

Whether you are a reader, writer, donor, or a participant in a ministry of The Upper Room, we give thanks for you. You are the best. You make us smile. You are the song in our heart. You are the reason why we get up every morning and head to work. Without your support in prayer, deed, or gift, none of the ministries of The Upper Room would be possible. You are a life-changer.

Let’s celebrate what we have accomplished together this year with God’s grace:

  • The Upper Room daily devotional expanded its global reach, as it began publishing in a new language, Catalan. Found in over 100 countries and in 97 formats and 37 languages, The Upper Room continues to connect three million people with God and one another...every day.
  • The Japanese edition of The Upper Room celebrated its 70th anniversary, and the Portuguese-Brazil edition celebrated its 80th anniversary.
  • The response to our Chaplains’ Ministry campaign surpassed our goal by 17%, allowing us to supply more military and prison chaplains with copies of The Upper Room daily devotional for their ministries.
  • Emmaus Ministries held more than 260 events around the world, including the first Walk to Emmaus in Argentina.
  • 22 Five-Day or Short-Term Academies were hosted this year, including Academies in Puerto Rico, Ukraine, England, and four in South Korea. One of the Academies in Korea was designed especially for Korean-based missionaries serving across the world. Plus, 161 people participated in Two-Year Academies.
  • Over 100 Discovery Weekends were held for middle schoolers, touching the lives of more than 2,500 students.

With all of our heart, we say “thank you” and wish you and your loved-ones a very festive and blessed Thanksgiving Day.

The Upper Room Staff

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