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How's Your Soul?

November 18, 2019 by Rev. Jackie Wickware

Sometimes we get busy doing all the things we have to do and all the things other folks think we should be doing. Oftentimes it leaves little time for feeding our souls. Yet the thing that makes us go is the power that we get from within, which surely comes from the time we spend in the folds of God's arms. It is not only the time we pray, or study our Bibles that fills us. Power also comes when we drop all of the weights and cares of the world, just to be real with ourselves and real with our God. It's the time we must often fight for in order to snuggle up to God. Moments we must take to lay before God and tell what we are thinking, feeling, and experiencing in our lives. We have to make the time to sit, recline in Spirit, soul, body, and mind to tell God the stuff we are not comfortable telling others. Handing over our heart matters and offering them to God, is certainly what Matthew's Gospel invites us to do, saying "come to me all those who are weary and heavy laden". See, God opens the door for us to come in and release the heavy details of our lives and do it in safety and security.  I've discovered when my soul is truly crying out for relief, for rest, nurture, space, peace, help, and healing, most often is when I've missed my appointment with God.  When my spirit is low and my tank is empty I recognize my soul is crying out to be filled. We have God's permission to unload daily, our burdens. When we do, not only do we get to hand them over, but receive in return an abiding peace and the gift of being free from toting all that around with us. 

So, how is it with your soul? Better yet, don't answer my question, just wander into the wonderful space God has created for you and tell God all about it. God loving awaits you, "to come and keep company and find rest for your soul" (Matthew 11:28).

Loving God, who is the lover of my soul, open my eyes to the things I have need of and what I need to let go of. Give me the courage to hear your invitation to come and find rest for my soul. Let me find ways to get quiet before You and bask in the Spirit of your grace. Open me anew, to the many ways You offer rest, refreshing, and new life to my depleted soul. Refresh me O God, today, tomorrow, and forever. Amen.

This meditation was inspired by Soul Reset: Breakdown, Breakthrough, and the Journey to Wholeness by Junius B. Dotson. To learn more, visit

Jackie Wickware is an ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church. She is a graduate of Southern Methodist University, Perkins School of Theology with a Masters of Divinity and has served various churches as senior pastor. 

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