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Welcome to The Upper Room Prayer Wall

“Bear one another’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” —Galatians 6:2 (NRSV)

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About the Prayer Wall

The Upper Room Prayer Wall is a place for people to connect — with each other and with God. Each day, hundreds of prayer wall visitors share their needs, praises, and concerns, and they respond to prayer requests posted by others.

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Mwhitt5 from Tn requests prayer...

Shelby, Davis, James, Marie, Susan, dad, joy, Jan, mason, serving Jesus, loving others, pln, Monday night, FL, persecuted Christians, inerrancy of scripture in America, Biden, elected officials, elections, Merrymans, Jacob, Alex, seth, wisdom, money...Read More, joys job and mine, usa, woke problems, jack Fordham- van, wisdom, health. Nate c- work & wisdom, personal issues. Jade-thankful for conversation w/her brother or dad, new job. Aiden-dogs ills. Noah-family, friend w/high blood pressure. Mary-travels, school semester. Angel- Families at work. Mark- work. Ellie-school, work, guy wisdom. Amanda- mother's health, short staffed work. Mario- money, family behaving. Girls party. Nate s-mom graduated, friend may have cancer, omar- college. Turbo-work. Triston-panic attacks

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Swenson from Us requests prayer...

Please pray for Elle to get more work hours. She is Grad School and needs more hours per week. Pray for His provision. And God's will be done. May God strengthen her faith. Praise Jesus she found a small group & church. Praise Him for His Goodness! ...Read More

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[email protected] from Maryland requests prayer...

Pls Pray for my daughter and Son- in-love and new premeine baby don't have health insurance and it is pending approval, they need financial help. Living with mom an dad. Thank you. W. Smith

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Jeffal306 from Alabama requests prayer...

Lord please bless our finances and help me to succeed at the job I'm at if it be your will. If not please reveal the path you want me to be on. Thank you Lord Jesus.

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[email protected] from Usa requests prayer...

Holy Father, thank you for such a beautiful day and a good vacation, in your name we pray Amen.

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msfrances66 from Tx requests prayer...

prayers work comes in shop #4 customers happy with customer service and work done pray for Juan hire a shop Forman shop makes over 45000 month to pay shop rent bills pray for Tammi all that are sick Ashley work full time #1 and # 2 Jose finds job in ...Read Morevalley i have patience and calmness at work Juan picks up engine today and customer has her car back she needs it prayers for my and Tracy friendship or more if its God will i have a breakthrough with money coming in this week and rest of year Amen

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JOEMINI from South carolina requests prayer...

Thank you for all we have and another beautiful day. Thank you for my Wife and best friend. Be with Brad and Jeff and their team. Be with our girls as they learn and grow. Be with our leaders and medical teams. Watch over Pam John Kenny Charlie Wayne...Read More Ed Lynne Barry Chris Janet Trish Linda Jen Kyle Jake Marty Chris Marcia Cindy Jim JimClem the Bailey's and our FISH class. Especially Barry and Lynne and Rick from Annapolis and Pam and Tony M. Thank you for my doctor's nurses and assistants. Thank you for the ability to walk work and participate. Thank you for safe travels. Thank you for the rain. Keep our family and friends safe and healthy as we journey together. 🙏🙏

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RichinCHRIST'Sriches from Pa requests prayer...

My Friends, pelae ocntinually intercede for 16 year old Katie hurt her left hip and thigh muscle-a lot of pain;thx

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Neti from Brussels requests prayer...

Dear all, thank you so much for praying for a miracle. My sister received today the results of a biopsie of triple-negative breast cancer. We pray to Our Lord for total healing of the cancer. Thank you !

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RichinCHRIST'Sriches from Pa requests prayer...

My Friends,pleae continually intercede for Tracy; her anxiety levels;thx

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