Fourth Sunday of Advent


by Beth Ann Gaede

God our Savior, all generations call you blessed.
Holy is your name!

You have done great things for us.
Holy is your name!

You have shown us your strength.
Holy is your name!

You have humbled the proud.
Holy is your name!

You have raised up the weak.
Holy is your name!

You have fed the hungry.
Holy is your name!

You have kept your promises to your people.
Holy is your name!

We thank you for your mercy.
Holy is your name!

We praise you for your wisdom.
Holy is your name!

We rejoice in your love and faithfulness.
Holy is your name! Amen.

Beth Ann Gaede is an Evangelical Lutheran Church in America pastor. She was editor of Alive Now and has worked with dozens of religious authors and publishers. Beth enjoys travel, studying Spanish, canoeing in the wilderness, and fly-fishing for trout.

Credit: Advent/Christmas prayers by Beth Ann Gaede. Permission granted to use in corporate worship settings. From November/December 2015 Alive Now. Copyright © 2015 by The Upper Room. 

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