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Getting Started with Your Private Online Classroom

To set up a private online classroom for your small group or congregation, follow these simple steps:  

1. Review our collection of online courses. 

Visit For these uncertain times, we’re recommending Soul Reset, Which Way, Lord? and Freedom From Worry.

2. Find one you’d like to use with your group.

If you’d like to take a look before purchasing for your group, send us an email at We offer free short-term access for review.

3. Consider the details.

  • All eCourses are inclusive. No additional books or materials are required (with the exception of eCourses that invite participants to use a journal, drawing pens, or drawing paper).
  • All eCourses are open all the time. Participants can access eCourse material at any time.
  • No eCourses offer “in real time” elements unless particularly stated, so participants never need to access the eCourse at a specific date or time.
  • The Upper Room eLearning staff members are available to offer support for any unexpected difficulty with eCourse access.
  • All eCourses are accessible via phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

4. Send us an email.

If you’re ready to purchase, email us at We’ll talk with you about pricing for groups and about access to your private classroom.

Once your private classroom is open, we’ll send you a link to use for inviting other group members.


Share the Gifts of Hope, Love, Grace, and Peace

"Thank you for the creative teams [of The Upper Room] who are working together to share the power of prayer around the world. You have collaborated with everyone working from our homes to share the gifts of hope, love, grace, and peace." (Written in response to The Upper Room COVID-19 response efforts). View Jaqui's video contribution to the initiative, helping us create space and time for God in these anxious times.