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Make Us Whole


by Claire McKeever-Burgett

We are heartbroken, O God. 

Devastating tornadoes tore through
our land, our homes, our lives,
and we remain here amongst
the brokenness, death, and debris.

     We shake, we wonder, we wait;
     we reach out, we clean up, we pray.

Our faith tells us You were with us
in the storm and that You are with us now.

     Thanks be to God. 

Our prayer is an ancient one,
one that draws us close to the saints
and calls our ancestors near: 

     Take the broken pieces of
     our land, our homes, our lives,
     and make us whole.

Together, in Your Love,
we always and ever begin again—

one bottle of water,
one dinner plate,
one hour of clean up,
one standing in
line to vote,
one phone call,
one prayer
at a time.

     Take the broken pieces, O God.
     Make us whole.


Claire McKeever-Burgett is the associate director of the Academy for Spiritual Formation. This prayer was written in response to the disastrous tornadoes that hit Nashville, TN on March 3, 2020.

Photo Credit: WTVF-TV, CBS News

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