Praying with a Finger Labyrinth


Download a free, printable finger labyrinth here.

First Movement: Releasing (Confession)

Place your finger at the opening of the labyrinth. Pray silently or aloud a prayer of confession. When finished, slowly move your finger forward along the labyrinth. Move at your own pace toward the center. Let the words of the prayer stay with you.


Quiet your mind as you move through the labyrinth. Make room for emotions and stirrings that arise. What needs to be changed, forgiven, cleared, confronted, or healed in your life? Offer these situations to God as you move forward.


Second Movement: Receiving (Centering)

When you reach the center, rest your finger there for a moment before you read a scripture reading for the day.

When you are ready, read the passage slowly, as if you have never read it before. Center on God’s Word and be open to what God reveals to you through the reading. Return you finger to the center of the labyrinth and reflect on the passage and what it holds for you.


Third Movement: Returning (Intercession)

As you prepare to leave the labyrinth, place your finger at the same opening in the center where you entered. Now lift up your intercessory prayers for the day and when finished, begin to move your finger back along the same path on which you entered. Let the intercessory prayers stay with you, and add to them as you make the turns and move along the pattern back out of the labyrinth. Be mindful of people and circumstances in the world that are in need of your prayers. Hold each one in your heart for a part of the journey outward.


When You Have Finished

As you lift your finger from the labyrinth’s end, offer thanks to God.


Adapted from the book The Awkward Season: Prayers for Lent by Pamela C. Hawkins, pgs. 111–112. Copyright © 2009 by Upper Room Books. Used with permission.