God Delights in Me, Tuesday, Advent Week 3

The shooting star wildflower in bloom.

© Beth A. Richardson, betharichardson.com


God of delight, let me see the world today through your joyful eyes. Let me feel your love for me and neighbor; may I join with you in delighting in all that you have created. Amen.

Carry These Words in Your Heart Today

God delights in me; I delight in God.

Today's Picture

I delight in this particular wildflower — the shooting star. It blooms for such a short time and if I happen to find it blooming, I am grateful, excited. The Tennessee shooting star is white and blooms in the early spring — March or April. This shooting star blooms in the Rockies in the springtime of the mountains — June. I love the tiny, delicate beauty of this creation of God.


Tell us — how do you delight in God? How does God delight in you?

Book of the Day

The Writings of Julian of Norwich

ed. Keith Beasley-Topliff

Julian of Norwich is a hero of mine. She lived in England during the Dark Ages. And she wrote a book — Showings — one of the few books by a woman from that period that has been preserved to this day. She was a mystic who dedicated her life to God. Even in the midst of the plague and all the hardships of living, she spread the word of God's love. God said to her, "All shall be well." This booklet is a modern translation of some of her writings and part of the Upper Room Spiritual Classics Series.

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