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September 11, 2020 by Lynda J. Samuel (Scotland, United Kingdom)
Lynda and Raj

Since submitting my meditation “Open Invitation” which was published on 16th August 2020, my husband, Raj, and I were clearly led to go to India for four weeks over Christmas 2019.  Several of his family live in Chennai in Southeast India, and we hadn’t seen them for two years.  It was not advisable for us to travel to the city where Nalini (our hostess in my August 16th devotional) lives, but someone made it possible for her and a friend to fly to Chennai to see us.  Once again we were blessed by the generous hospitality of Indian Christian friends.

We returned to Scotland on 18 January, and soon afterwards were under strict guidance to stay at home on account of COVID-19.  We were ‘shielding’ because of age and health concerns and were deeply touched by (Scottish) friends and neighbors who offered their services and brought us food for a few months until ‘lockdown’ eased, and now we shop for ourselves.

We adapted well to the COVID-19 restrictions.  I did more baking, which I shared with our ‘shopper’ friends.  I also took up knitting again.  Friends donated wool, and I made several items, including a teddy bear, for a grand-niece who was born on 31 July in Edinburgh.  As our choir (which I accompany) was not permitted to meet, I decided to maintain my piano technique by practicing challenging pieces for 15 to 30 minutes each day.

Our relationship with Jesus (and with each other), has deepened during these last few months.  We have become even more aware of his infinite goodness and love (see Eph. 3:18) and confidently trust him for the future.  There is so much to be grateful for, not least our timely visit to India.   Who knows when or if we shall be able to travel to Chennai again?  We rest in the knowledge that our lives are in his hands.

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