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November 25, 2020 by Carolyn Chapman (Missouri, USA)
Carolyn and her family in New York

My family has grown so much since that trip to New York! Our oldest daughter is now a sophomore in college and planning to study nursing; our middle daughter is a junior in high school and is passionate about the environment; our son is a freshman in high school just discovering his path in life. We had all been faithful volunteers in our church until the COVID-19 pandemic closed our church. We have been worshiping online since March with plans to reopen with safety precautions this week. While we have missed in-person worship, the online worship has expanded the reach of our church in ways only God could have known. The crisis forced us to become creative in caring for each other, our community, and our world. 

I still faithfully count my steps each day, with some days exceeding the recommended 10,000 but many more falling below the threshold. Since the pandemic stopped us in our tracks, I had to get creative to get more steps—taking daily walks or jogs and parking farther away. Yet I have never recorded more steps than that day in New York!

And just like those days when my steps are lacking, I feel like the pandemic slowed the steps of my ministry. Without in-person worship, there were no new visitors to greet, no face-to-face contact with old friends. Ministry had to get creative, too—we worked to improve our church website, made more personal phone calls, and sent more outreach emails. Of course, we tried to cover everything in prayer. 

I am thankful that we serve a gracious and loving Father who allows us so many chances to get things right. Constantly I remind myself that God is in control of our world. Whether in my daily steps goal or in my ministry efforts, God lovingly guides my hand to help me care for those on my path.

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