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July 26, 2021 by Dara H. Gunnell (North Carolina, USA)

Hi! Since quite some time typically passes between when a devotion is written and when it is published in The Upper Room, I was told readers sometimes like to hear more about what may have happened since the story was written. I have included pictures of the pond where we walk and the curve from my story where we begin to climb the long steep hill back home. Unfortunately my neighborhood hill and I had to part ways for a while because my health took a turn for the worse not long after I wrote my devotion. And I had just gotten to where I could conquer it without wanting to grab my husband's arm! 

Thankfully my health has somewhat improved. When cooler weather sets in again in North Carolina, my prayer is to be able to walk up that steep hill again. Through God’s sovereignty, my illness has drawn me closer to God—I like to say I am grabbing God’s arm. Every day the Lord continues to be my good shepherd on the steep hills of life, and I pray my story encourages you to find the same!

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