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May 22, 2022 by Christopher L. Scott (Washington, USA)

I am still a pastor, but things are very different than when I wrote today’s meditation two years ago. At that time I was an assistant pastor, now I am a senior pastor. I was living in California, now I live in Washington. I was part of one of the largest and most respected denominations in America, now I am part of one of the smallest and least known denominations in America. All three of those changes were very difficult to make.

While many things have changed, my calling is still the same. I am confident that I am where God wants me to be. But sticking with that calling and where I thought God wanted me to be was difficult. Serving as a pastor—a role I never thought I would have—has not been an easy road to travel.

For more than four years I served as a part-time assistant pastor of a church. The church could only paid me for twenty hours of work per week, so I had to find other jobs to work the other twenty hours each week to provide for my family. During that time I worked with disabled adults in a janitorial business and worked at a Christian bookstore.

When my senior pastor (the one that originally called me and hired me) decided to retire unexpectedly one year earlier than he had told us he would, the youth pastor of our church became my boss.

Eventually I quit working at that first church after four years of ministry and serve a new church. But I will never forget how God placed me in the first church job. How God placed Gene in my life saying “Hey, Pastor,” every Wednesday morning. How God led me to a great seminary to prepare me for ministry. How God gave me a godly and spiritual wife that has walked with me every step of the journey. But most of all, how God had given me a passion and talent to preach God’s word and love God’s people.

All of us have a place that God wants us to be. We all have a place for ministry that God puts on our heart. And I hope none of us let sin or jealous plans interrupt God’s plans for us. I know that I did not when it came to my jobs and I hope that you don’t either.

I hope my meditation has encouraged you to follow God’s path that God places before you. Whether you experience a dear friend speaking truth into your life or receive a phone call at a specific time like I did or whether you read a divine appointed meditation or scripture reading. I hope my meditation today gives you the confidence to follow the path that God lays out for you.

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