A Common Bond

July 20, 2023 by Craig Allen Williams ((Pennsylvania, USA))

One of my favorite parts of my daily devotional time is meeting new friends by reading The Upper Room. When I get a new issue, I immediately turn to the back cover (and to page 21) to see who will be sharing their faith with me over the coming weeks. I enjoy the smiling faces and the little biographies that add to their stories.

As I grow older, I feel the effects of isolation and lone­liness more acutely. With no immediate family or children of my own, I have found that by reading about people like me I can be encour­aged to continue to seek strength through my faith.

When I open the pages of The Upper Room, I become aware that I am not alone. Even though no two stories are alike, the writers all seem to share a common bond with me.

As Paul wrote in Romans, we all have different gifts (see Romans 12:3-8). Some of the stories teach courage, others endurance. Many find the miracle of everyday life through nature. Some struggle with the same trials and temptations I have, while others offer hope through perseverance.

Throughout the years, the friends I have met by reading the The Upper Room and other similar publications have helped to make me feel a little less isolated. Their testimonies are gifts of love to be cherished by all.

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