Christ Is Everywhere

December 29, 2023 by Marilyn J. Torrey (California, USA)

My husband and I traveled to many places around the world. The following is a journal entry from over 25 years ago: 

As I’m sitting on a bench waiting for a train at the Lop Buri station in Thailand, I decide to read from my Upper Room. I carry issues with me on all of our travels. Today’s reading is from a young woman in Japan, and yesterday’s was from a woman in Bulgaria. I turn the page and see that tomorrow’s is from a man in Virginia, USA. 

It occurred to me as I finished today’s devotion that whether Christians travel or stay home, we all can have contact with and inspiration from Christians around the world by reading The Upper Room each day. We can have a greater understanding of God’s people and learn from them as we read their words of faith along with their prayers and the scripture they share.

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