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June 1, 2018 by Nancy Allman-Bull (Ohio)

Writing and submitting my devotion turned into an unplanned Bible study. I knew what I wanted to say because my experience made me in awe of our Creator and it had been rattling around in my mind for several years. But as part of the submission process, you’re expected to provide suggestions for further reading, a prayer focus, and a thought for the day. Hmmmm, I didn’t have all of those things ready; I just wanted to share my experience! For weeks, I used a concordance and several Bible translations searching for appropriate verses or phrases to include and inspire others. Naturally, I was looking up topics like birds, animals, creation, stewardship, provision and dominion. I kept getting drawn in to further searches and studies because those are all the things that feed my faith.   

In January of 2000, after having been away from church for years, I was baptized and publicly accepted Christ as my Savior. In early 2002, in a very unexpected turn in my solitary and self-centered life, I found myself with my first companion pet — a cat named Mojo. My Story began with Mojo. As I was falling more for Christ, I was also falling more for Mojo. I, and others, realized that my heart was softening, especially toward animals.

Over the course of the next few years, I truly became like a new creation and I believe that my calling is to be a voice for animals. Because of my faith, I am an animal rights activist and a committed vegan. I do all that I can to defend animals and the environment. It may sound silly, but I’m convinced God used Mojo as an instrument. In the time since, God has blessed me with more rescue pets who keep me smiling at my journey and the lessons I can learn from animals.

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