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July 11, 2018 by Deb Vellines (Missouri)
Deb with an Ebenezer journal

Three weeks ago, I visited Urgent Care when my cough wouldn’t respond to over-the-counter medicine. It hurt to breathe, and I wondered if I had fractured a rib from the violent coughing. When I developed a fever, I realized I needed to see a doctor. An x-ray revealed pneumonia. (By the way, I had gotten a pneumonia vaccine, but learned I needed a booster — which I will get).  

I knew "Ebenezer" would be published in July, but could I “walk the talk” and think of ten reasons to praise God the day after I learned my diagnosis? It took A LOT of thought, but YES. These things were on my thank-you list: the doctor, her wisdom to order an x- ray, antibiotics, God's presence with me each day, no fractured ribs, the crackers and coke I had for supper that evening tasted good, clear communications with the doctor, a short wait at the clinic, we weren’t traveling when I got sick, and I didn’t need to be admitted to the hospital.  

Saying, "Thank you, God," for ten things each day helps me recognize God’s blessings, mercy, and grace. When I say to myself, that’s going to be a thank you tomorrow, I automatically say thank you right then.  

God tells us to ask for what we want, so I don’t hesitate to ask. God can fix anything — big or small. If you want to be reminded of that, maybe you also want to keep an Ebenezer journal. It can be a great reminder of how God handles everything.  God is faithful indeed!

Want to learn more about me? Check out the two blogs on my website www.debvellines.comYes I Can is about living with macular degeneration. Although legally blind, my mom lived independently until her death at 92. A New Me is about how we change with a serious diagnosis. For me, this meant a benign brain tumor. The steps there with promises from the Bible help others with their diagnosis.

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