Hiking Still

August 7, 2018 by Gilda Picioccio (New Jersey)

The hike I wrote about in today’s meditation was written 2 years ago.  Since then, my life seems to have been going on a series of changes, journeys or “hikes”.  My husband was laid off from his job, but then suffered a shingles attack in his eye, which also affected his vision. We found ourselves at a crossroads, and we prayed about what we should do and where we should go, since financially we needed to be in a more secure place.  We made the decision to sell our home in New Jersey and start a new life in Pennsylvania. But as on any hike, the journey has been at times uncertain, confusing, scary, and stressful.  And there have been many times where I have said, “Can’t we just turn around and go back to the beginning, to the place where everything is familiar and safe?”

But, as we all know, life isn’t like that.  Especially our life of faith in the Lord.  I have seen in the last couple of years in my life that Jesus challenges us to go beyond what is certain, beyond what is known — to go to a place in our journey where we cannot see the path in front of us. I have experienced that most times I don’t know where I am going, that the path isn’t clear and that even when I think there’s a clearing ahead.  There's just a faint light from above to guide my steps. So, what have I learned through this meandering “hike” I have been traveling?  That, above all, Jesus is faithful.  Faithful always.   Even when I can’t see it, or feel it, or hear it, or know what he’s doing in my life.  Jesus can be trusted and depended upon, especially when the path we are traveling seems to have no purpose or no end.  I have learned that when all seems hopeless and I don’t know where to go, Jesus is always with me.

So, where are we now on the hike? Still not sure!  We are in Pennsylvania, and we have found a church that has welcomed us as brothers and sisters. My husband seems to be starting to heal.  We are almost employed! We are beginning to feel more “at home”. We are praying and seeking the Lord to see the next steps as we continue this path. We are waiting on the Lord, listening to him, loving him and ready to serve him where he leads us.  And, yes,  we are still hiking, still journeying, still trusting Jesus, our faithful guide, to lead us every day!

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