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September 3, 2018 by Ginny Neil (Virginia)

I retired from teaching six years ago, but the lesson I learned about trusting God’s perfect will — even when my job was in jeopardy — has stayed with me.  I’ve had other opportunities to “let go and let God” since then.  In each instance, the immediate gift of the prayer was peace in whatever circumstances had caused me such anguish.  I even had the privilege of leading a family member to that prayer during a time of crisis, and I was able to see God’s peace that passes understanding descend upon them.  

I am ashamed to admit that I often wait until I am at the end of my emotional rope before I can release all of myself and my desires to God’s perfect will for me, but God has always been faithful in answering.  

If thou could'st empty all thyself of self, 
Like to a shell dishabited, 
Then might He find thee on the ocean shelf, 
And say, 'This is not dead', 
And fill thee with Himself instead.

-T.E. Brown      

I am a writer and a blogger.  If you are interested in taking a look at what's happening on my farm you can find me at

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