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October 4, 2018 by Lin Daniels (Massachusetts)

In the four years since we (God and I) wrote this devotion, life has changed. I retired after 40 years of teaching, a profession I adored. As a teacher we often emphasize the importance of being a “continual learner.” In that vein, I began to learn pickleball — a game that is played with paddles and uses a ball that is similar to a wiffle ball. It is played on a court 2/3 the size of a tennis court. I absolutely love it!     

A friend suggested that I read a book called Discovering Lectio Divina by Evan B. Howard and James C. Wilhoit. It spoke about a way of engaging with the Lord through scripture that involves reading, meditating, praying and contemplating. This approach has been both refreshing and eye-opening for me!   

As I go forward, I march with the thought that while I may be retired from teaching, we will never be “retired” from serving the Lord. And for that I praise God mightily!

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