Rock Solid Promises

January 30, 2019 by Pat Gerbrandt (Manitoba, Canada)

A road trip we took with some siblings had a packed agenda, and that meant a lot of driving. Like my travel companions, I felt the need to explore something other than the inside of the vehicle! An unspoiled little cove in Rhode Island gave us the opportunity to stretch our legs. It was wonderful to feel the wind, to turn our faces to the sun, and to watch birds dip and soar above the water. Like carefree children, we explored the rocky cove and took turns posing beside or under this rock. Mountains are impressive, but so are huge rocks. This rock near the water’s edge would have crushed me if it were not kept in place.

This morning, as I pondered three separate messages I received in the past few hours, sadness loomed over me that was as large as that rock. One of our friends died yesterday. Another friend, widowed just a few months ago, is on her way to visit her son and his estranged wife thousands of miles away. Another woman let us know that her elderly father has just passed away.

Each of the men who died had confidence they would be welcomed by the One who died to save their souls. Even so, we feel deep sorrow because these loved ones are no longer present. I could easily let the weight of sadness roll over me, just like a rock that has toppled. As I recalled what I’d written about looming mountains, I was reminded of another person who often felt overwhelmed: David.  

David confessed, “Only in God do I find rest; my salvation comes from him. Only God is my rock and my salvation — my stronghold! — I won’t be shaken anymore” (Psalm 62:1-2, CEB). In the previous Psalm, the reading suggested in my devotional, David begs for help: “God, listen to my cry; pay attention to my prayer! When my heart is weak, I cry out to you from the very ends of the earth. Lead me to the rock that is higher than I am because you have been my refuge” (Psalm 61:1-3, CEB).

Reading these statements from a man who had a lot of experience in needing to trust God encourages me to keep on praying for my grieving friends.

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