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February 26, 2019 by Janet Seever (Alberta, Canada)

After my friend gave me the verse of the song that I wrote about in today’s meditation, I posted it above my desk at work so I could look at it. Yes, I wanted to see the Lord more clearly, to love God more dearly and to follow God more nearly. That became my prayer. I read those words daily.

My optometrist pointed out to me that eight things had happened to my eyes over the years (including complications of cataract surgery, glaucoma, an allergic reaction to the glaucoma medication, and a corneal ulcer that lasted five months).  He told me if he had been at university at the time, he would have used me as a case study.

I am thankful—for praying friends, for the encouraging notes they sent me, and most of all for God’s continued healing.  My sight did improve with moisturizing drops, and I discovered that when I had my diabetes under better control, it was much easier to read the street signs.  I’m thankful that my eyes have been able to improve.  I’m 72 and still work part time in a ministry that translates Bibles for people groups around the world who don’t have scripture in a language they understand. 

My husband of 43 years had a major stroke in 2004 and although I cared for him at home for nearly three years, it proved to be too difficult. He now lives in a personal care home and is unable to speak, read, or write. We communicate with our own version of charades. He used to walk with a cane, but now depends on a wheelchair much of the time.  

I’m learning to trust God in every situation, which has been a life-long learning experience.  None of us knows what the future holds, but I know who holds my future.  I’m thankful to the Lord for every day I'm given.

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