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March 13, 2019 by Thad Carter (Texas, USA)

Writing about my call to ministry reminded me of my first chance to give a sermon in the Methodist Church.  A small church in Kaplan, Louisiana, needed a fill-in speaker for one Sunday. Their pastor had been injured when the church bell fell and struck him on the head.  Fortunately, he survived and only needed some time to recover.

I remember several things about that first sermon:

One, I did not know how to prepare a sermon.  My sermon consisted of me reading a Bible story and then talking about the story.  The minister’s wife was present, and she told me I had done a good job.

Two, I remember how beautiful the church building was.  Some of the attendees sat in the loft and I felt as though I was preaching to a large congregation.

And last but not least, I recall that I felt peaceful while delivering my message — something I did not expect to feel.

That was over forty years ago.  As I look back on years of pastoring, radio and television ministry, camp meetings and tent revivals, I truly am thankful that I had those opportunities to share my faith. 

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