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April 9, 2019 by Jenny Calvert (Texas, USA)

When I was young and just starting out in college, I was uncertain of exactly where God was leading me. Almost immediately, a door opened for me to major in music, so I began a voice major with a piano minor. I enjoyed music very much and went on to be a Church musician, pianist, organist, choir director, and soloist. I also worked with children in public schools for band, choir, and solo competitions.

But as I aged, my voice left me. I could no longer sing, but God opened another door for me. I rekindled a secret love that I had for writing. God has opened doors to allow me to spread God's message without having to use my voice. No matter what age we are, I think God will use us as long as we are His willing servants. 

Jenny is a contributing writer on the website Daily Prayer, under the "Daily Inspiration" section. You can find the website here: She has also had several meditations printed in The Upper Room and other publications. Jenny also has a blog that can be found here:

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