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April 20, 2019 by Diana Fleming (Georgia, USA)

Nevin still seeks the comfort of my embrace when he becomes scared, but he is also growing in his relationship with God. He prays more and more himself and asks me to pray with him when he is afraid. He is learning to lean on God, no matter the circumstances.

Several days ago, Nevin accidentally spilled a bowl of hot noodles on himself while pulling it out of the microwave. I rushed from work to meet him at the ER. Though he was in pain, he was asking if our family and friends were praying for him and was comforted by the knowledge that they were. We were transported to a burn center, and his pain was controlled overnight. He had a successful surgery this morning and is expected to heal fully. Yet again, we see God's hand in times of darkness and are reminded that joy comes in the morning. God is good!

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