Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

May 2, 2019 by Meliana Santoso (East Java, Indonesia)

Not long after I became a Christian, I began to go to church regularly. Previously I did not come to church too often and only attended Christian Fellowship a few times because friends or family invited me. When I met some friends, who I believe were from God, I began to know God more through them. They encouraged me to come to church regularly and to be active in Youth Christian Fellowship. At first I was happy because I had many brothers and sisters in Christ, and they always cared for me and listened to me when I had trouble. When I needed help, they were always there for me. It made me feel more comfortable being in the church and joining Youth Christian Fellowship.

As the years passed, I still regularly came to church and attended Youth Christian Fellowship. While learning and growing in God, I had many friends who loved and cared for me. Always being loved and cared for had become common to me, and I felt that it was an extraordinary gift from God in my life. Eventually, I moved from Youth Christian Fellowship to another Christian Fellowship in my church where the members were more mature in age.

After more or less two years of attending this Christian Fellowship, a leader asked me to give the sermon. It was scheduled in the last week of that month. Because I was used to being comfortable when I was in the church or attending Christian Fellowship, the offer frightened me. I felt that I could serve, but I wanted to choose my own ministry. I wanted to serve in areas that I thought I would be able to do and that I liked, but to bring the sermon in front of many people made me afraid. I felt that I was not fluent in speaking and our Christian Fellowship was large, so I was afraid to speak in front of them. Although I was reluctant to accept the offer at first, my leader still encouraged me to do it. My leader also encouraged me to keep trying to serve, especially in the areas of ministry that I felt I could not.

I still try to do as my leader advised me. At this time I am rarely entrusted with ministry in front of many people, but I am trying to do my best at whatever is entrusted to me. I believe there is no small or big ministry when we do everything for God. God does not see how big or small our ministry is; God sees our hearts when we serve, whatever our form of ministry is, and all of our ministry is precious to God. We don't only serve because we are capable or have certain abilities that support the ministry. We also serve because we have a longing of the heart that wants to be formed and used as God's instrument for the glory of God's name.

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