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May 12, 2019 by Clint Bowman (North Carolina, USA)
Clint and his mom, Karen Bowman

Since writing my meditation for The Upper Room, my life has changed rather drastically. For the past few years, it has been a dream of mine to live in the western part of North Carolina. Being so close to my family, this dream was hard for my mom, dad, and siblings to grapple with. Everyone in my immediate family lives within a few miles of each other, and it always seemed as though I was the only one who wasn't completely set on the idea of staying in our hometown for the rest of my life.

Despite my clear interest in moving, I never seemed to have full support from my family to actually do so. That is, until I accidentally sent a text to my mother (it was meant for someone else) that described how a job opening in the mountains was shaping up to be a perfect fit for me. After my mom read that message, her entire attitude and support around my move took a different turn. Over the weeks that followed that accidental message, my mom and dad prayed with me at every opportunity for God to lead me down the right path and do what is in God's will. As we continued to pray, everything that dealt with the hiring process for the new job seemed to fall perfectly into place — I got an in-person interview for the job and was told the next week that I was the unanimous choice to fill the position. With tears flowing, I thanked God profusely for listening to me and my family.

So as I write this, surrounded by packing boxes, and empty shelves, I can't help but smile every waking moment for the clear blessings that God has bestowed upon my life. In these coming weeks, I'll be packing up my things and taking the next step on the path God has set before me. While there is always uncertainty that accompanies a move, I haven't felt anything other than love and peace throughout this whole process, because I know God is walking with me and I can hear my family and friends cheering me on along the way.

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