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August 7, 2019 by Mark Weinrich (Nevada, USA)

I am overwhelmed with wonder by all that God has placed in a seed—the record packed within it of what it could be and the vitality and will to rise, even if all of its kind are dead. In the 1960s, 2000-year-old date seeds were discovered by archeologists at Masada. The seeds were stored away for decades, until 2005, when a researcher wondered if she could get one to germinate. 

After a grass-like blade broke the soil, this seedling shook the world. It was the first date palm to come from an ancient seed, and it was the oldest of its kind. Thus this male tree was dubbed Methuselah. Since Methuselah, scientists have been able to get other ancient date seeds to grow, and now scientists are optimistic that they will be able to resurrect and cultivate this ancient delicacy.

Isn’t that astonishing? Think of all the ages of darkness that seed endured until it was drawn into the light. Jesus assured us that he is “the resurrection and the life.” No matter what darkness I go through in life, I always remember his promise that everyone who lives and believes in him will never die. (See John 11:25-26.)

God’s transformations of simple peas and ancient date seeds thrill me. I am reminded that when my time is sown, I will rise for I am a part of the family tree of the one who burst the garden tomb and broke the chains of night.

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