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January 24, 2020 by Rosie DiBianca (California, USA)

Trusting the Lord in big and small ways is the framework for how I desire to live my life. Knowing that God sees my situation and my heart’s desire to please God is what keeps me faithful, hopeful, and even joyful.

Since writing this reflection, I had searched for a job for almost one year. I didn’t know what door would open, yet I was knocking on several. And to top it off, I was seeking to educate and replant myself in a second career during a second-half season of my adulthood. My prayer had become, “Lord, if you open the door, I will walk through it.”

A text message from an acquaintance led me to apply for a teaching job, for which I had a surprising interview. During the interview, I realized that the job was actually quite different from what I thought I was interviewing for. But a week later, I was offered the job and accepted it.

As a high school teacher in a detention center, I continually experience fulfillment and joy. I believe this is the place God had for me, though it may not be the place I would have selected myself. Yet because God knows each of us and by grace allows us to be willing, the Lord blesses us in ways we can’t imagine.

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