How can we apply Isaiah’s message to our lives when looking for an answer to the question, “What concern is that to you and to me?” This passage clearly states the task: “For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent, . . . I will not rest.” The messenger bears news of jubilation, news of vindication and salvation.
The word Zion has many meanings: the actual city of Jerusalem; a symbol of the world to come; the church as the bride of Christ; and, ultimately, the place of connection between God and humanity. The builder will marry Jerusalem, a city once named Forsaken and Desolate. So too our relationship with God develops. We come from various walks of life and disparate life circumstances. We begin with servanthood, proceed to discipleship, then to friendship, and emerge—through faithfulness—into an intimate spousal relationship.
Our mandate is to spend our lives as coworkers with God for the redemption of the world. In gospel terms we are called to work each day for God’s reign to come, God’s will to be done—on earth as in heaven. Our destiny finds fulfillment in the marriage of the Creator and the created. God delights in this union and proposes to us as individuals. When we accept this proposal, we—in union with God and others—work to make our planet a place of peace, harmony, love. It becomes the “kin-dom” where God and God’s people live, love, work, and play side by side and rest together at the close of the day.

Dear God, grant me your vision so that I live for the unity in you of all persons, places, and things. Help me say with great desire and energy, “I will not rest.” Amen.

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