Sometimes our world seems pretty dark, cloaked in the shadow of racism, violence, greed, and hatred. When the earth is despoiled, when wars rage, when public discourse is fraught with fear and untruth, we can be discouraged. When it seems like deep night, we long for day to dawn. Where...

Light of Christ, help me to see your glory and pay attention to your light. Fill my darkness. Shine in me so that I may be a source of light for others in the ways of mercy, hope, and justice. May the day dawn and the morning star rise in my heart. Amen.

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Lectionary Week
February 17–23, 2020
Scripture Overview

The Transfiguration is a striking manifestation of the union of humanity and divinity in Christ. In Exodus, Moses goes up the mountain to meet with God, and the divine presence on the mountain is like a consuming fire. The psalmist says that the presence of the Lord shakes the earth. In Second Peter the author declares that the truth of Christ’s message is affirmed by the glory that surrounds Jesus on the mountain and the voice from heaven that confirms his authority. In Matthew’s account, the revelation of the glory of the divine son of God on top of a mountain causes the disciples to fall down in fear. Moses and Elijah are present, demonstrating the continuity of Christ with the prophets and the always overwhelming splendor of God’s presence.

Questions and Suggestions for Reflection

Read Exodus 24:12-18. When have you experienced God’s cleansing and transforming fire?
Read Psalm 99. How has God led you through darkness?
Read 2 Peter 1:16-21. How can you be attentive to the light of God in the world around you?
Read Matthew 17:1-9. When have you experienced God’s love shining through you?

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