We know that every Sunday is the Lord’s Day—a celebration of Easter, the resurrection of Christ. The risen Lord ascends to the throne of God and reigns over the whole creation. But when every Sunday is a celebration day, we risk getting caught up in the festivity while forgetting the centrality and the supremacy of Christ. Today’s reading invites us to focus on Christ while we adore Christ’s reign.

Christ holds everything together as the creative force behind all of creation. In Christ, the whole cosmos is held together. We need not fear any scattering or splintering. The embracing love of Christ upholds the unity of the whole creation. Christ occupies the first place in the church, the community of faith in the world. The Eucharist as a celebration announces the mystery of God’s wondrous transformation of us all into a single unified body. And Paul reminds us that God’s plenitude resides in Christ, who has made peace through his death on the cross and his resurrection into new life.

As citizens of the reign of Christ, we inherit the love of God that invites us into the circle of God’s abundant and amazing grace. We are filled with the Holy Spirit, who showers God’s gifts on us so that we can share those gifts with one another and experience the oneness of God’s holy family.

Now when we look at our neighbors, may we recognize the family resemblance and announce peace to them.

God of all creation, awaken in us the spirit of love, faith, and hope so that we may enjoy the reign of Christ in whatever we do today. Amen.

Pray the Scriptures Using Audio Lectio
Read Luke 23:33-43

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Lectionary Week
November 14–20, 2022
Scripture Overview

Our readings for the week highlight the Reign of Christ. Jeremiah prophesies about a future King from the line of David who will bring justice, righteousness, and security for the people of God. Luke 1 records the song of Zechariah, the father of John the Baptist. Zechariah praises God for raising up salvation from the house of David as God had promised through the prophets. This child will bring mercy, forgiveness, and light. Luke 23 recounts part of the story of the death of Jesus. Here Jesus, the Light of the world, dies as an act of mercy for our forgiveness. In Colossians, Christ holds first place above everything else. Through his death we are forgiven and brought from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light.

Questions and Suggestions for Reflection

Read Jeremiah 23:1-6. How do you trust in God’s promises to bring safety and justice as you watch unjust rulers oppress and abandon their followers?
Read Luke 1:68-79. What will you say when you break your silence?
Read Colossians 1:11-20. Recall a time when you waited for something in great anticipation. How did your faith help you find patience?
Read Luke 23:33-43. How do you recognize Christ as King when you experience or witness suffering?

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