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Edition Information

Ling Xiu Ri Cheng

The Upper Room



NG Sze-yuen

Hong Kong

The Methodist Church (Hong Kong), The Upper Room Chinese Publication Committee

Print (Traditional Mandarin Chinese), Online

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For over 80 years, The Upper Room daily devotional guide has encouraged people everywhere to share their stories of faith. Not long after its first issue was printed The Upper Room began crossing borders and being translated into Spanish, Korean, and Hindustani. Now, The Upper Room is translated into more than 30 languages and can be found in over 100 countries. The Word of God has no boundaries.

I looked forward to each session of the 2021 Spiritual Formation in Today’s World, and I still consider it a sacred time in my life. It renewed my love for myself, strengthened my love for God, and inspired my love for others.” Read more...