Dear Upper Room Community

March 3, 2020 by The staff of The Upper Room

Dear Upper Room Community,

Thank you for your prayers, your inquiries, your concerns about those of us in Nashville and at The Upper Room in the wake of the devastating tornadoes that tore through our city and state early Tuesday morning, March 3. 

The Upper Room/Discipleship Ministries offices remain un-damaged and reports from our employees and their loved ones indicate that we are safe and relatively okay. Many are without power and cell service; many are in neighborhoods and communities greatly affected by the destructive tornadoes and organizing with their neighbors to provide food, shelter, and water.

We ask you to join us in continued prayers for our neighbors in Nashville and throughout Tennessee. We ask you to light candles, send aid, check on loved ones and friends, and remain connected to us as we rebuild and restore our beloved city and state. 


Join us in prayer: Make Us Whole.
Post a prayer concern or prayerful response on The Upper Room Prayer Wall.

Helpful links:
Self-care after a Natural Disaster
Help the Families of North Nashville
Nashville Tornado: How to Help, How to Get Help

Friends, these are difficult times in our city, and in the world.

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