Invitation to Day of Prayer

February 12, 2019 by Beth A. Richardson

"OFTEN PRAYER BEGINS as a longing in the heart, a longing for love, a longing for connection, a longing to make contact with a Power greater than ourselves. Sometimes it begins as a desperate need for help, peace, strength, or comfort. Other times prayer’s beginning is a deep hope for others — an ache for suffering to stop, for the earth’s healing, for care of the poor. Sometimes prayer begins in fear. We reach out for something to save us, to protect us, to let us know that we’ll be OK. Sometimes prayer feels like a longing that’s been met, like a deep spring of peace welling up within our hearts, spilling over and filling us with gratitude and love." —Mark Yaconelli with Alexx Campbell, “Prayer”*

Join us on March 1 in observing the World Day of Prayer. Wherever your desire for prayer begins, we invite you to join with persons around the world for an intentional Day of Prayer on Friday, March 1, 2019. Here at The Upper Room, the staff will participate in prayer throughout the day and will physically gather to begin and end our work day with communal prayer. Specifically, we will be attentive to the thousands of prayer requests that come to us through The Upper Room Prayer Wall.

Intercessory prayer has always been a core value of The Upper Room’s ministry – through the Prayer Line and supported by our books and magazines. Today we can also engage with one another through a variety of online platforms. The Prayer Wall is an increasingly vital way for The Upper Room community around the world to support one another and be in prayer together.

We have chosen March 1 to coincide with the World Day of Prayer, which dates back to the 19th century when Christian women in the United States and Canada initiated a variety of cooperative activities to support women’s involvement in mission at home and in other parts of the world. You can find a variety of resources for the 2019 World Day of Prayer to guide your personal prayer time or to host a prayer event in your faith community.

We hope that you will incorporate the prayers of The Upper Room global community into your prayers.

Be sure to read and share the instructions for guiding your prayer time using the Prayer Wall:

We look forward to uniting with you in prayer on March 1!

Beth A. Richardson is the Director of Prayer and Upper Room Worship Life.

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