January in The Upper Room Chapel

January 1, 2020 by Beth A. Richardson

TO LIVE BY God's call means making ourselves available to the power of the Spirit within us. When we become available to the Spirit, our personal stories become part of God's great story of redeeming love, despite our weaknesses. —Kara Lassen Oliver

JESUS SAYS that the kingdom of God belongs to those who have little or nothing spiritually. Have you ever felt spiritually inadequate? Have you said, "God, there's no way I can do this?" Then, Jesus says, you're the kind of person who will fit right into this new community God is building! In fact, you and people like you will be running things! The entire kingdom will belong to you.

-Mary Lou Redding

The Power of a Focused Heart: 8 Life Lessons from the Beatitudes  


Next Wednesday we welcome Rev. Rachel Gilmore, Director of Recruiting, Assessing & Training for Church Planting. Rachel will preach on The Beatitudes from Matthew 5:1-12. Her sermon is titled, “Congratulations.”

As we enter this Sabbath weekend, may we hold space for all those who mourn, who suffer, who are poor and hungry. May we open ourselves to God’s Spirit moving in and through us on behalf of this hurting world.


Blessings on your Sabbath,



This week in the Ecumenical prayer cycle we pray for the countries and peoples of Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Western Sahara, Tunisia.

Upcoming Services - February - Africana History Celebrations

February 5, Rev. Dr. Paula Smith, Gordon Memorial UMC

February 12, Marilyn Thornton, Artist and Musician, UMPH

February 19, Dr. Cynthia Bond Hopson, Assistant General Secretary, Black College Fund and Ethnic Concerns, Division of Higher Education, GBHEM


Join us for these special services:

February 26, Ash Wednesday

March 4, Taizé Service

April 9, Maundy Thursday Eucharist

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Loving the Insights

"I lead a small group of about 12 women, and we were looking for a great Advent study. I had used While We Wait years ago and remembered how beautifully written it was.

I love focusing on the women in the genealogy in Matthew and our church’s Advent sermon series include the songs of Elizabeth, Mary, and Zechariah. So this study seemed just perfect for our 2019 Advent study.

Everyone is enjoying it so much and loving the insights that Mary Lou Redding offers for each character in her study. While We Wait has been a great study for us!"