8 Ways to Use The Upper Room Daily Devotional


While personal reflection is the most popular use of The Upper Room daily devotional, did you know there are many other ways to use it in your ministry? Here are eight of our favorites, plus four more bonus ideas to encourage daily life with God in your congregation (and beyond) with The Upper Room.


  1. Small Group Ministry

Christ said that where two or three gather in his name, he is present (Matthew 18:20). The Upper Room makes leading a small group easy … and anyone can do it! Each issue features an easy-to-follow guide for small groups with directions for leading a one-hour weekly meeting based on daily devotional practice. Gather in person or on Zoom, whatever your group prefers.

  1. Writing as a Spiritual Practice

Start a Spiritual Writing Group in your church. Writing devotionals is a spiritual practice, a way of paying attention to how God is present in our lives. Learn tips for how to write a devotional here and then submit your meditations to The Upper Room for possible publication! If selected, your meditation will be read by thousands of people from 100 countries around the world.

  1. Sunday Sermon Starts

Begin each sermon by referencing a story from the devotional guide. Encourage church members to follow along during the week, emphasizing the importance of personal reflection and communal prayer based on the shared daily readings.       

  1. Youth and Children's Ministries

Create age-appropriate discussions and activities related to the daily readings, fostering a habit of prayer and reflection from a young age. Offer copies of the magazine at youth group to take home, with “homework” to come the next week with an idea for their own devotional!

  1. Family Devotional Time

Encourage families in your church to incorporate The Upper Room into their daily devotional time at home. Provide resources and discussion prompts for parents to engage with their children, fostering a sense of shared spirituality within the family unit and the larger church community.

  1. Pastoral Care Visits

Take copies of the magazine to members who are home-bound or in assisted living homes. Read a devotion, reflect, and pray together. (Accompany with a homemade sweet treat!)

  1. Build Online Community

Post the “Thought for the Day” or “Prayer Focus” on social media to get the conversation started.

  1. Community Outreach

Share The Upper Room with the community outside your church walls. Take copies to the organization you serve or do ministry with.  And don’t forget to slip the magazine into your visitor bags!


  1. Morning Reflections for Leaders

Begin each day with a focused and inspirational morning reflection using The Upper Room's daily devotional guide. Church leaders can gather to read and discuss the daily meditation, setting a positive tone for the day ahead.

  1. Monthly Prayer Challenges

Launch monthly prayer challenges based on the devotional guide. Encourage church members to commit to a specific daily reading, sharing their reflections and prayers on social media or during church gatherings. This promotes a communal prayer effort and spiritual engagement.

  1. Prayer Partnerships

Pair church members as prayer partners, each following the devotional guide independently. Encourage partners to discuss their reflections, pray for each other, and share insights, creating a supportive network within the congregation.

  1. Interactive Church Bulletin

Feature a section in the church bulletin dedicated to the devotional guide. Include prompts for personal reflection, prayer points, and discussion questions that church members can engage with individually or within small groups.


Order copies of The Upper Room for your congregation at UpperRoom.org/subscribe today! Bulk discounts available!