Writers Workshops Led by The Upper Room Editors


Looking for ways to sharpen your writing skills? 

For over 80 years, The Upper Room daily devotional guide has invited the world to pray every day. Each day’s meditation offers a story from an ordinary person who has experienced God in an ordinary way. We invite you to share the story of God’s presence in your life.

This eCourse offers instruction on how to do just that—share your story in writing. Four online sessions offer insight into the pattern of writing that The Upper Room has fostered from the beginning. With guidance from our editors, you’ll learn how to craft your story into a meditation ready for publication.

In just four sessions, you will learn:

  • the elements of an Upper Room meditation
  • how to write a meditation based on your reflection on scripture or a personal experience
  • how to offer the right kind of takeaway, or personal application, for your reader
  • the features that Upper Room editors look for in a good meditation—and the features that are problematic
  • editorial tips and tools to aid in crafting an effective meditation

At the close of this course, you will be invited to submit a meditation to The Upper Room for consideration. While not all meditations can be published, this course will give you the tools necessary to prepare a meditation for submission. 

To learn more or register for this course, visit: https://urelearning.upperroom.org/p/writing-workshop