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January 1, 2018 by Andrea Woronick (Connecticut)

As I reflect back on when I wrote this devotional, I am reminded that each moment of every day is a gift that can be used to bring me closer to God.  I have recently stopped working full time in church ministry, and I have more time now to do what I used to have to squeeze into my few free hours of the day. At first, I did everything with the same speed that I had when I worked.  I rushed through my tasks, whether it was cooking dinner or cleaning the house. Over time I began to realize that I had a lot more time during the day, and this turned out to be a blessing.  I was able to be more deliberate and mindful of each thing that I did.  Some people call this ‘living in the present moment.’ Instead of rushing through a task to get to the next one, I reflected on what I was doing at that moment.  For example, if I were peeling potatoes, I would reflect on how blessed I am to be able to use my hands for work.  I would think about the elderly who can no longer work the way they used to, or those who lay in hospital beds not able to use their arms or legs.  The potato in my hand represented the bountiful food that I have on my table, and I remembered those who don’t have enough to feed their families.  The menial task of peeling potatoes offered me time to pray.

Appreciating each moment of the day has turned out to be life changing for me.  Sure, I sometimes find myself distracted and rushing, but I try to bring myself back to the present moment and the task at hand.  We are given the the gift of time, by keeping our awareness on God, we are able to live to the fullest every minute of our lives. 

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