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January 13, 2018 by Marion Turnbull (Liverpool, England)

Grandchildren are a continuing source of pleasure to some of us.  Now I am beginning to see great-grandchildren.  How did that happen?  Overnight.  Of course, we add these new little ones to our prayer list, keeping our eyes open to God for them as they sleep.

But then we are part of the family of God, many of whom suffer persecution at this time.  If I were looking at separation from my family, prison, beatings and hunger, I think I should be very glad to know that Christian brothers and sisters were praying (like in Peter’s time) and thinking of me.

Several agencies, like Open Doors, and Release, give regular news and items for urgent prayer on their emails.  I confess that I have failed to support our little group at times.  Isn’t it amazing how many things need doing when we set aside time to pray!  Not many church members are able to meet regularly to pray together for those suffering severe persecution, but God delights to hear and answer.

Some of us are a bit old for youth work, but every Christian can come to God in prayer, even the house-bound.  It’s our privilege and responsibility.  Let’s do it!

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