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September 2020 Wednesday Study Questions

August 27, 2020 by Upper Room Editorial Staff

September 2: Loving One Another

1. Is there anyone in your life whom you have been avoiding?  How might you reach out to them in the coming week?
2. When have you felt God encouraging you to do something you didn’t really want to do?  How did you respond?  What did you learn from the experience?
3. What scripture passages remind you of the importance of remaining open to new people and showing God’s love to others?  How do you apply what you read in those passages to your life?
4. When have you missed an opportunity to love others?  What are some practical steps you can take to become more aware of every opportunity?
5. How do you think your church might be transformed if every member sought to show God’s love to those who are drastically different from them?

September 9: In God’s Presence

1. How does spending time reading scripture strengthen your relationship with God?  In what ways does it make you feel more equipped to serve God?
2. Have there been times in your life when you struggled to discern your calling from God?  What scripture passages encouraged you or brought you clarity during those times?
3. Do you find it easier to hear what God is trying to tell you when you are intentional about spending time with God?  Why or why not?
4. Name some specific ways you could draw closer to God.  In what ways can these new practices transform your faith and your life?
5. Who or what helps you remain consistent in your current spiritual practices?  What role does your church play in your spiritual life?

September 16: Changes

1. Today’s writer found that her appreciation for beauty has changed over the years.  Where have you noticed a similar change in your own mind?  What can you learn from that shift?
2. What does it mean to you that we are ever-evolving creations?  What does that teach you about the God who created us?
3. Do you find yourself worried about the future or the changes you may undergo as you age?  What prayers, Bible verses, or people help you release those worries?
4. Which biblical characters demonstrate how a person can reflect God regardless of age, abilities, or past actions?  How does their example encourage you?
5. What can you do to ensure that your actions reflect God’s power and presence in your life?  What is the importance of reflecting God to others?

September 23: A Little Sip

1. Do you have a prayer partner?  If so, in what ways does this person encourage your spiritual life?  If you do not, where do you find encouragement in your faith?
2. Do you prefer prayers that follow a certain ritual, or do you enjoy praying conversationally?  In what ways are those prayer experiences different?  What new prayer practice would you like to try?
3. How does prayer strengthen your connection to God?  When do you feel the most connected to others through prayer?
4. What role do your friends play in your spiritual life?  In what ways can you encourage someone else’s faith today?
5. How does your church intentionally try to “quench the thirst” of those in your community?  How do you participate in those efforts?  In what ways can you encourage others to participate?

September 30: Signs

1. When have you let negative thoughts or expectations prevent you from enjoying an experience?  What scripture passages encourage you in such times?
2. What “signs” have you put up that invite fear into your life?  Does Jesus’ call to the disciples make you want to drop your “signs”?  Why or why not?
3. Do you find it easy to rejoice in the journey of your life?  If so, why?  If not, what spiritual practices might help you to embrace your journey more joyfully?
4. What prayer practices bring you comfort when you find your mind overcome with negative or fearful thoughts?
5. Who or what helps you drop your “signs”?  How would you encourage someone who is struggling to drop their signs?

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